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Kingdom Kraze – Are you crazy about KC?

Kingdom Kraze

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right? Who doesn’t need a little fun break while being on the computer all day? Whether you are into online gaming, Xbox, PS3 or no gaming at all, you will find Kingdom Kraze a fun site. It’s great for your kids too! You can find all types of games from puzzles to education, to driving and shooting. I like the Turkey Bonk myself ;)

What is Kingdom Kraze all about?

It’s a little weird to figure it all out on your own, so I’ll briefly explain…

You need to set up a FREE account, log in and play games. You earn what they call “krun”, which can be traded in for money (eventually). You can purchase krun or earn them by playing more games. It is MUCH faster to just purchase a few thousand krun for a small fee because with the krun, you buy hovels. Hovels are what make you money. The more hovels you have, the more money on a daily basis you make.

Making Money with Online Games

If you have 1 hovel and play 3 games, you can make about $6-$8 per day. That doesn’t sound bad, right? But note this, if you have 3 or 5 or 7 hovels, you earn $6-$8 per day PER HOVEL! That means, you can make a bunch of money for just playing games! This is the best thing for kids! Set them up with an account, hook it up to yours and let them play. Each day, check what they made. They will get a kick out of this.

For adults, check everyday and you’ll start to see your lunches paid for. Eventually, as you earn krun and trade them in for hovels, you will start to see $50+ per day made, which you can trade in for CASH by having them deposit it into your bank account. How awesome is that?

Check it out today –> CLICK HERE and start getting crazy about Kingdom Kraze!